Tom Nutter

Tom Nutter

Tom Nutter has a wealth of experience in the college recruitment industry, with over 12 years assisting elite student-athletes in placements across the USA. Tom has a large and prestigious network across all sports in all collegiate divisions.

He brings to Heritage a plethora of contacts and a proven track record of working with some of the best universities across the USA. He truly is a recruiting expert, with full knowledge of NCAA eligibility criteria and a first class understanding of the student-athlete recruitment process.

USA Sport Scholarships offer students the opportunity to train, develop and compete in high level university sport. Collegiate sport is a huge business in the United States, involving massive sponsorship, fanatical fanbases, and nation-wide TV coverage.

College sports are the feeder system into the professional game. Top professional sports stars such as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan were college athletes. The level and scale of the system does not compare to any other university sports across the globe.

Students that are supported by a USA sports scholarship will simultaneously work towards an undergraduate degree. This can be in any field offered by the university and with more than 500,000 student-athletes in the United States, there is a level for everyone!

Being a student-athlete is a similar to the lifestyle of a professional athlete, with full-time training, excellent facilities and professional level coaching staff. College athletes receive a paid education through a sports scholarship, with scholarships being worth up to 100% cost of attendance.

College sports is a fantastic way of combining education with high-level sports whilst getting it funded through a scholarship.