A guardian is the vital link to supporting your child and ensuring they achieve their full academic and personal potential.

You can be assured that they will act quickly on your behalf in an emergency, help your child build confidence, overcome challenges and will always put the best interests of your child first.

General Support:

  • Act of behalf of parents in emergency situation throughout your child’s time studying in the UK
  • Liaise with schools, students, parents, agents and host families
  • Provide 24/7 emergency contact for student, parents, schools and host families
  • Pre-departure briefing and advice on studying and living in the UK
  • Meet and Greet Service for new students (at the airport on arrival or first week at school)

Academic Support:

  • Advice on choice of GCSE and A Level subjects
  • Attend teacher-parent meetings each term and report to parents upon requests
  • Translate school reports and grade cards upon request
  • Assist with tutoring and holiday courses upon request

Pastoral Support:

  • Contact with students fortnightly and report to parents
  • Contact house parent for feedback twice a term and report to parents
  • Visit students in school/host family once every term upon request
  • Assist with SIM card purchase and first top up
  • Assist with organising activities for term breaks  

Transport and Accommodation:

  • Arrange trusted taxi transfers for all term breaks, start/end of term and other unexpected occasions
  • Arrange trusted accommodation for home weekend, half terms and other unexpected occasions
  • Maintain regular contact with host family throughout students’ stay and report to parents
  • Visit host family annually to check suitability and organise DBS checks
  • Assist with booking UK travel ticket (bus, train) upon request

Finance Support:

  • Manage pocket money account with report each term
  • Assist with school uniform and bedding purchase upon request
  • Assist with payment for instrument/riding lessons upon request
  • Assist with opening UK student bank account upon request

Host family accommodation:

For student to stay with a host family during exeat weekends, school holidays, prior to travelling back home